Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tough Guy Mike Milbury Tries to Apologize

Sexist and all around tough-guy, Mike Milbury attempted to apologize to the Penguins and their fans today:
"I reached out to (team president) David Morehouse and the Penguins about the comments I made yesterday on Philadelphia radio. In hindsight, I realize what I said was inappropriate and wrong, and I want to apologize to the Penguins organization and their fans,"
Too late buddy, our coach in his skirt and our captain and his 35 concussions will see you (NBC) and you're favorite team (Philadelphia Flyers) in the first round of the playoffs next week.  We'll see who has the last laugh when all is said and done.  Also, where are the direct apologizes to Dan Bylsma and Sidney Crosby, the two people who were insulted in the interview?

Mike <3 Peter 4 Life

Shero's comments on the matter:
"If it was an attempt at comedy, it falls real short. It’s fine to have an opinion on players but when you’re making light of concussions, that’s not right,” said Shero. "I’ve gone through this with my own kid (who had a concussion), obviously we’ve gone through it as a team with Sidney Crosby and saw what it took for him to battle back from it over the past year, there’s nothing funny about post-concussion syndrome. I don’t think it would have been very funny had he made fun of [concussed Flyers captain] Chris Pronger in that light. There’s nothing funny about [former Flyers captain] Keith Primeau having to retire from it. This is an issue that is at the forefront of our league right now and to make light of these concussions is a real lame attempt at humor. He should know better than this."

On Milbury calling Crosby a "goody two-shoes"
"I’m not sure what he’s implying there. Sidney Crosby is a fierce competitor, that’s what makes him great, that’s what makes him a great captain. It’s no different than a Peter Forsberg -- they’re fierce competitors and they play to win the game." 

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