Monday, April 2, 2012

Comparing Bombay and the Ducks to Bylsma and the Pens

Dan Bylsma and his Pittsburgh Penguins have a striking resemblance to Gordon Bombay and his Mighty Ducks.  Check out our comparisons below and let us know what you think.

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Gordon Bombay
  • Coach of District 5, Mighty Ducks, and Team USA Junior Goodwill Games team
  • Played in the AHL before his career was cut short due to injury
And to a lesser extent Ted Orion
  • Orion takes over the Ducks to coach them in D3 for Eden Hall Academy
  • Played in the NHL for the Minnesota North Stars

Dan Bylsma
  • Coach of the Wilkes-Berre Scranton Penguins and Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Played in the NHL before his career was cut short due to injury

Jack Reilly
  • Gordon Bombay's former coach for the Hawks
  • Bombay coached against Reilley in the championship of the first movie

Mike Babcock
  • Dan Bylsma's coach for the Mighty Ducks
  • Bylsma coached against Babcock for the Penguins 3rd Stanley Cup victory in Bylsma's first season as coach

Charlie Conway
  • Captain of the Mighty Ducks
  • Slight anger issues
  • Was taught to dive in the first movie
  • DIFFERENCE: Not the most skillful player

Sidney Crosby
  • Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Feisty player
  • Was called a diver in his rookie season
  • DIFFERENCE: Most skillful player in the game

  • Gordon and Charlie's mentor and father figure
  • Talks to Gordon and Charlie in crucial times

Mario Lemieux
  • Sidney Crosby lived in his house for years
  • Sent a text out to the team before their Stanley Cup victory

Don Tibbles
  • Gives Gordon some new players in D2
  • Owner of Hendrick's Hockey Apparel
  • DIFFERENCE: The dude is crazy

Ray Shero
  • Signs players, trades for players
  • GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Adam Banks
  • The Mighty Ducks best player and leading scorer
  • Stolen from the Hawks

Evgeni Malkin
  • The Penguins best player this season and leading scorer
  • Stolen from Russia

Julie Gafney
  • Took a while for her to get the permanent starting goalie position
  • Best goalie on the team

Marc-Andre Fleury
  • First joined the NHL in 2003, locked up starter position in 2005
  • One of the best goalies in the NHL

Fulton Reed
  • Enforcer with the hardest slapshot on the team

Arron Asham
  • 4th liner with an above average slapshot

Dean Portman
  • Brought to the Ducks in D2 because of his enforcer skills

Deryk Engelland
  • Earned a spot on the Penguins because of a combination of his enforcer and defensive skills

Ken Wu
  • Added to the team in D2

Richard Park
  • Added to the team this past off-season

Russ Tyler
  • Most well known for his shot

Tyler Kennedy
  • Shoot-first mentality

Guy Germaine
  • 2nd best player on the Mighty Ducks
  • Often overlooked and overshadowed by Conway and Banks

Jordan Staal / James Neal
  • Two of the best players on the Penguins
  • Overshadowed by Crosby and Malkin

Luis Mendoza
  • Small and quick
  • Added to the team in D2

Steve Sullivan
  • Small and quick
  • Added to the team this past off-season

EDIT: Another Possibility is Pascal Dupuis
Les Averman
  • The Mighty Ducks' prankster

Matt Cooke
  • The Penguins' prankster

Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson
  • Coach of Team Iceland in the Junior Goodwill Games
  • Former NHL player

Guy Boucher
  • Coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Former NHL player

Gunnar Stahl
  • Leading scorer in the Junior Goodwill Games Tournament
  • Overshadowed by the Mighty Ducks' star players

Steven Stamkos
  • Leading goal-scorer in the NHL
  • Overshadowed by the Penguins' star players

Josh (That weird kid who announces in D3) Bob Errey

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