Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trade Deadline Necessities

Here is an extensive list of all the sites you will want to check regularly for tomorrow's trade deadline. Be sure to follow our Twitter feed and check back here for updates! - Completed Trades
A complete list of all completed trades to date.
TSN - Trade Tracker
A complete list of all completed trades to date.

TSN - Trade Bait
"With Monday's trade deadline looming, the NHL on TSN provides a quick look at some of the names that could be on the move. Keep checking back as this list is updated."

TSN - TradeCentre

TheFourthPeriod - Top 25 Available Players
"With the NHL trade deadline quickly approaching (Feb. 27, 2012), TFP has outlined 25 of the top names rumored to be available for trade through various newspapers, radio and television reports, cyberspace and our own league-wide sources. Last season, 17 of the 25 players listed were traded.

As part of TFP's Trade Deadline Coverage, this page will be updated regularly and TFP's Panel of Experts will outline the values of each athlete. As the days inch closer to the deadline, some players may climb or fall off the list, while others may be added. Teams reportedly showing interest will also be added and adjusted as more information becomes available."

TheFourthPeriod - No Trade Clauses
"Below is a list of NHL players who have a no-trade or no-movement clause in their contract for the 2011-12 season only. This page will be updated, if required, to provide the most accurate information.

A player with a no-trade or no-movement (cannot be placed on waivers) clause must accept a move by waiving his clause in order for a trade to go through and be accepted by the NHL. List compiled from various sources, including NHL documents, internal sources, media outlets and"

TheFourthPeriod - Salary Cap Breakdown
"General managers and their staff must have a proper understanding of completing trades within the NHL's salary cap era. Making moves aren't as easy as they once were, and player salaries are taken into account for every deal.

Below is a team-by-team breakdown of each club's proximity to this season's $64.3 million salary cap. Figures have been rounded to the nearest thousandth, courtesy of Player bonuses are factored into some of the "Project Total Salary Spending," which may cause certain numbers to equate to a different cap figure. This page will be updated frequently between now and the Feb. 27 trade deadline, as various roster moves affect each team's project cap spending."
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