Friday, February 10, 2012

STATS: TK and Duper's Past 15 Games

As requested on Twitter, here is a graphical view of Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis' past 15 games.  In the first two charts, blue represents goals and red represents assists.

TK Past 15

As you can see, Tyler Kennedy has only 3 points in his past 15 games and hasn't scored since January 13th.

Dupuis Past 15

Duper has 5 points in the last 15 games with his most recent goal on Tuesday.

Shots in Past 15 Games

Cumulative Shots in Past 15 Games

Both TK and Duper have almost the same amount of shots over their past 15 games.  TK with 45 and Duper with 44.  Sorry about the mixing of colors in these past two charts.

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