Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CONTEST! Best Penguins Related Twitter Handle

Since we are mainly a Twitter presence, we came up with the idea to create this little contest.  We're looking to see who has the best (most clever, funniest, etc) Penguins related Twitter handle.  Really, there's no true definition of "best" so this will end up being a popularity contest based on which Twitter handle people like the best.

This contest will be run as a tournament and after all the nominations are sent in, we will create a bracket and start a voting process.

First, we're going to need everyone to send us their nominations by tweeting @GotKasparaitis and including the hashtag #BestPensHandle.  The easiest way to do so is to click the button below and simply insert the Twitter user you wish to nominate.

If you'd like to Tweet without using the button, please follow this guideline:

"@GotKasparaitis I nominate @pghpenguins #BestPensHandle"
Once we receive a fair amount of nominations, we will set a deadline and move on to the voting process.

Hopefully this is a fun way for Pens fans to interact on Twitter and find new fans to follow!

We'll have some sort of prize for the winner, nothing major though (we are in college, you know).


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